I Can’t Save Your Marriage, but You Can!

Norman Bishop

The success of your marriage and your family doesn’t depend on God, your pastor, or this book; it depends on you. If your marriage fails, it’s because of you. Don’t blame your spouse. Don’t blame your children. Don’t blame your job or your church. Blame yourself.

In I Can’t Save Your Marriage, but You Can, author Pastor Norman Bishop offers a guide to help you refresh your marriage. It will also benefit those planning to get married to understand their roles as a husband and as a wife according to the word of God. Each chapter covers a specific point to let you rise above marriage challenges and marriage disappointments.

Filled with real-life and relatable situations, Bishop transparently shares his marriage journey, the challenges of a forty-year marriage, and tells how he hasn’t lost the passion and love for his wife. He offers a host of spiritual and practical principles to save marriages and make marriages stronger.